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What’s Not Agile

If your organization is looking for an Agile Coach or Scrum Master or you are just trying to improve your skills in that realm, here are some suggestions for what not to do, and what to do.

  • Don’t try to impress anyone with your agile credentials. Do try to identify things that have been successful on similar teams/organizations.
  • Don’t be preachy when trying to present new ideas. Do suggest ideas with a humble and flexible attitude.
  • Don’t rely solely on past experiences of what worked for other teams. Do spend a lot of time listening to people’s needs an challenges.
  • Don’t react when people are critical of agile. Do find a way to tie what people want back to agile principles and show them how they could enable those things.
  • Don’t press your own agenda. Do thoroughly understand how you can support management’s vision.
  • Don’t treat the agile principles as a law. Do use them as a guide for making continual improvement.
  • Don’t be too critical of a team’s existing processes. You never know how much hard work they have put into building what’s there. Do make a point to try to build on existing foundations, and position it as an improvement rather than tearing down.
  • Don’t be too quick to judge what will work best for a team. Do ask a lot of sincere questions and follow the breadcrumbs of how things became the way they are.


Agile and CMMI

After attending few Agile Conference last year. Many questions did come up starting from Agile and Documentation, CMMI Standards, Estimations and Fixed Bid Projects. Role of QA which I have been exploring.

But with CMMI Standards have stared noticing new ideas on web now. Yes as most say they both are compatible and CMMI taking advantage of “I” in their standards say that CMMI is a model and you can follow any framework Agile or Waterfall to do your work.

Here are few good reads starting from Article by CMMI:

CMMI Article

By Scrum Alliance 

Killing Myths (The most Summarized PPT)

A Formal Doc.

Finally Agile and CMMI go together, CMMI talks about processes which completely fit in to what Agile Manifesto or say SCRUM has devised.

Hey, do good work and have best tools like Agile to do it better other frameworks based on popularity or acceptance like PMI or CMMI will follow.