Project Management – Quotes – (Risk, Schedules)

Risks and Risk Management

  • “Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups.” — Wethern’s Law of Suspended Judgement
  • “PMs are the most creative pros in the world; we have to figure out everything that could go wrong, before it does.” –- Fredrik Haren
  • “Project proposals, business cases or cost benefit analyses are probably being massaged (either by underestimating costs or timeframes or by being very optimistic about the benefits) so projects will be approved.” -– Bentley and Borman
  • “When a risk occurs, with some ingenuity, this may open up an opportunity, and conversely when pursuing an opportunity there will be associated risks. Risks are generally deemed acceptable if the possible gains exceed the possible losses.” –- Rory Burke

Schedule and Time

  • “Beware the time-driven project with an artificial deadline.” — M. Dobson
  • “It is useless to desire more time if you are already wasting what little you have.” -— James Allen
  • “Projects progress quickly until they become 90% complete; then remain at 90% complete forever.” -– Edwards, Butler, Hill and Russell
  • “The functional groups should not be allowed to stretch out the project for the sake of improvement, refinement, or the investigation of the most remote potential risk.” -– Meredith and Mantel
  • “There is nothing more perishable than an airline seat – unless it is time on a project.” — Joy Gumz
  • “You may con a person into committing to an unreasonable deadline, but you cannot bully them into meeting it.” -– Edwards, Butler, Hill, and Russell

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