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Project Management – Learning from History | Project management, PM, lessons

We have had many lessons from History. To be learned , to be categorized and to be understood.

Launching a new E-commerce Website with limited resources is nothing compared to World War II or Apollo 13.

This blog is an effort to tame these resources and put them in more categorized way we want to look at.

Power by Expertise

We need to gain Power to get work done. This is Power helps a manager to sail through the problems and can manipulate/influence a team/stakeholders and organization to move in certain direction he wants. It comes through various way we already know through our books like, Position or Expertise.

Recently read about Atari and Apple, how both companies went outside computer industry and hired CEOs to sail them form a start-up culture to more organized way. And we know that Apple’s new CEO completely lost it, reason being expertise. He never invested in expertise of understanding Computer Industry at that time and lost it.

So as PM if you need a real power get into trenches and do not hesitate to understand the Arch Diagrams or at least the basic requirements of Project.

Agile and CMMI

After attending few Agile Conference last year. Many questions did come up starting from Agile and Documentation, CMMI Standards, Estimations and Fixed Bid Projects. Role of QA which I have been exploring.

But with CMMI Standards have stared noticing new ideas on web now. Yes as most say they both are compatible and CMMI taking advantage of “I” in their standards say that CMMI is a model and you can follow any framework Agile or Waterfall to do your work.

Here are few good reads starting from Article by CMMI:

CMMI Article

By Scrum Alliance 

Killing Myths (The most Summarized PPT)

A Formal Doc.

Finally Agile and CMMI go together, CMMI talks about processes which completely fit in to what Agile Manifesto or say SCRUM has devised.

Hey, do good work and have best tools like Agile to do it better other frameworks based on popularity or acceptance like PMI or CMMI will follow.